This is just a little page to tell you a bit more about where your handmade book has come from.

All hardback plain paper journals from my current range (Oct 2021 onwards) have been made from old paper stock that was kindly gifted to me. This means that most inside pages will include a variety of paper types and textures. Due to this paper being old stock, there are imperfections present such as small creases and marks. The covers of these have been made from old sheets of patterned paper (again kindly gifted and handed down) but mostly old ends of wallpaper rolls. The hardback boards are either old backs of art paper pads or scraps of mount board. 

As for the lined, softer notebooks, these have been up cycled from bin-bound exercise books where only a few pages had been used. These were removed and re-covered with either the wallpaper or patterned paper as mentioned above. SOME covers may be made from my own prints using 100% recycled paper. Again, due to the up cycled nature of these books, there may be small creases and marks present. 

All packaging is either up-cycled, old stock or recycled if new. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or Instagram messages.

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