Please read through the information below thoroughly before contacting me about portraits via the submission form on the Contact page. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please don't be afraid to ask!
Pricing (for people or pets):

A5 - £40 (one subject ONLY)
A4 - £55 (one subject)
A5 - £40 (one subject ONLY)
A4 - £55 (one subject)
A3 - £85 (one subject)
A5 - £50 (one subject ONLY)
A4 - £65 (one subject)
A3 - £100 (one subject)
+ an additional £5 for the first added subject to a piece,
£2.50 per extra subject after.

Postage is currently UK only and will cost £5.
- References must be provided in the form of high quality photos. These must be taken in good lighting with natural colours showing if wanting a portrait in colour. If you are limited, we can discuss and try to find a solution, however, this is not guaranteed. Please state this in the form on the contact page if this is so.
- A5 sizes are for the head and shoulders of one subject only, this is due to a lack of space for detail. Dependent on the reference(s), we could discuss two subjects. Again, if this is the case, please state this in the contact submission.
- If you would like a piece to be created by bringing subjects together from a variety of references, this can be discussed. This will depend on the lighting in the reference pictures and will be down to whether it's possible to compose a piece without it looking out of place. 

- Portraits are currently hand drawn onto a slight off white paper. Digital portraits are sent off to be printed onto a white 100% recycled paper. All portraits currently come unframed.
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